Bintan Lagoi Beach


Want to enjoy the beach atmosphere in Lagoi? Not only have to book a room at an expensive resort, you know. Because now the Lagoi area has been opened to the public.
To enter the Lagoi area, an inspection will be conducted first at the entrance gate. There is an entrance ticket that must be purchased every time you enter this area. The price is IDR 5,000 for four-wheeled vehicles. I don’t know how much about two wheels.
This Lagoi area was once an exclusive area. Not everyone can enter this area. Only for resort guests. But now this area has been opened to the public. And one of the destinations for many visitors is Lagoi Bay.
Is there anything inside Lagoi Bay?

Lagoi is indeed famous for luxury resorts that offer private beach. To enter the private beach, of course, you must first book a room at the resort. Or you can also enter without reserve the room but the price of the entrance ticket is quite expensive usually.
Well, if you don’t stay at one of the resorts in Lagoi, but want to keep enjoying the beach atmosphere, you can come to Lagoi Bay. Because there is a beach here that can be enjoyed for free, even parking doesn’t pay. This beach is known as Lagoi Bay Beach.

To get to this beach, visitors can go down in the drop off area that resembles a roundabout. From there, we can immediately walk to the beach area and look for the best spot to hold the mat. FYI, this roundabout is only for drop off visitors. The parking area is about 1.5 km from this roundabout.
Drop Off Area
At Lagoi Bay Beach, we can enjoy the view of the beach while eating food that has been brought from home. If you don’t bring food? Near the drop off area there are several kiosks that sell a variety of foods. Can only be seen there. I just tried kopyor ice yesterday, the price is quite cheap, Rp. 10,000 per glass.
Oh yes, don’t forget to bring a mat from home huh Because as far as I remember, there is no one renting out mats. There are only cute colorful bean bag and umbrella rentals like this. The price is IDR 20,000 and can be used as much as you like. Not bad for photo property, hehehe.
If you don’t want to rent bean bags it’s okay. Stay looking for a cool place then yes already sit on the sand or grass that is there. Clean, how come!

After lunch, it’s time to enjoy the beach atmosphere. Can swim funny, play sand, photos, or try water sports available there.
At Lagoi Bay Beach, the water sport options are not as many as those in
Treasure Bay. There are only Kayaks and Jetski. But the price is much cheaper. Kayaking for 2 people only pays Rp 50,000 for 1 hour. Whereas if you want to play Jetski, it costs around Rp.850,000 for 30 minutes. In addition they also have a snorkeling package to the island opposite Lagoi Bay Beach, but unfortunately not yet 100% ready yesterday was not yet able to try the snorkeling package.
And because the beach is free and the water sport is cheap, what are the queues like? Because of the ramen we had to wait 30 minutes at the fastest to play Kayak. Because of time, yeah, it doesn’t work. So just photos while playing sand. The sand at Lagoi Bay Beach is really cool. The color is pure white. Handsome!

From what I read on the information board, there is no safety officer at Lagoi Bay Beach. So for those who want to swim or play water sport, must really pay attention to personal safety. Especially for parents whose children swim, don’t forget to be watched.
They only provide information on wave conditions and ocean currents using flags. If the flag that is installed is red, it means that it is forbidden to swim because the waves and ocean currents are in a dangerous condition. Whereas if the flag is yellow, it means you can swim but at your own risk.
So you have to be extra careful!
Oh yes, take the time to play Lagoi Bay Beach in the morning. Because we can see other sights of this beach. The water recedes and we can play to the middle of the beach while looking for shells or watching small fish and crabs milling about in the water.

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