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If you are traveling or vacationing on Bintan Island. Better you have to be smart or selective to find accommodations or taxis here because on the island of Bintan it is very difficult and rare to get a taxi or cheapest transportation on Bintan Island. But here we as business people travel or accommodation on the island bintan. We provide solutions for tourists who are on vacation in Bintan Island. We offer taxis or cheap transportation and very affordable prices for tourists. And we will always provide up-to-date information for tourists visiting Bintan Island. Good service is our priority that’s our motto.

Bintan Lagoi Beach


Want to enjoy the beach atmosphere in Lagoi? Not only have to book a room at an expensive resort, you know. Because now the Lagoi area has been opened to the public.
To enter the Lagoi area, an inspection will be conducted first at the entrance gate. There is an entrance ticket that must be purchased every time you enter this area. The price is IDR 5,000 for four-wheeled vehicles. I don’t know how much about two wheels.
This Lagoi area was once an exclusive area. Not everyone can enter this area. Only for resort guests. But now this area has been opened to the public. And one of the destinations for many visitors is Lagoi Bay.
Is there anything inside Lagoi Bay?

Lagoi is indeed famous for luxury resorts that offer private beach. To enter the private beach, of course, you must first book a room at the resort. Or you can also enter without reserve the room but the price of the entrance ticket is quite expensive usually.
Well, if you don’t stay at one of the resorts in Lagoi, but want to keep enjoying the beach atmosphere, you can come to Lagoi Bay. Because there is a beach here that can be enjoyed for free, even parking doesn’t pay. This beach is known as Lagoi Bay Beach.

To get to this beach, visitors can go down in the drop off area that resembles a roundabout. From there, we can immediately walk to the beach area and look for the best spot to hold the mat. FYI, this roundabout is only for drop off visitors. The parking area is about 1.5 km from this roundabout.
Drop Off Area
At Lagoi Bay Beach, we can enjoy the view of the beach while eating food that has been brought from home. If you don’t bring food? Near the drop off area there are several kiosks that sell a variety of foods. Can only be seen there. I just tried kopyor ice yesterday, the price is quite cheap, Rp. 10,000 per glass.
Oh yes, don’t forget to bring a mat from home huh Because as far as I remember, there is no one renting out mats. There are only cute colorful bean bag and umbrella rentals like this. The price is IDR 20,000 and can be used as much as you like. Not bad for photo property, hehehe.
If you don’t want to rent bean bags it’s okay. Stay looking for a cool place then yes already sit on the sand or grass that is there. Clean, how come!

After lunch, it’s time to enjoy the beach atmosphere. Can swim funny, play sand, photos, or try water sports available there.
At Lagoi Bay Beach, the water sport options are not as many as those in
Treasure Bay. There are only Kayaks and Jetski. But the price is much cheaper. Kayaking for 2 people only pays Rp 50,000 for 1 hour. Whereas if you want to play Jetski, it costs around Rp.850,000 for 30 minutes. In addition they also have a snorkeling package to the island opposite Lagoi Bay Beach, but unfortunately not yet 100% ready yesterday was not yet able to try the snorkeling package.
And because the beach is free and the water sport is cheap, what are the queues like? Because of the ramen we had to wait 30 minutes at the fastest to play Kayak. Because of time, yeah, it doesn’t work. So just photos while playing sand. The sand at Lagoi Bay Beach is really cool. The color is pure white. Handsome!

From what I read on the information board, there is no safety officer at Lagoi Bay Beach. So for those who want to swim or play water sport, must really pay attention to personal safety. Especially for parents whose children swim, don’t forget to be watched.
They only provide information on wave conditions and ocean currents using flags. If the flag that is installed is red, it means that it is forbidden to swim because the waves and ocean currents are in a dangerous condition. Whereas if the flag is yellow, it means you can swim but at your own risk.
So you have to be extra careful!
Oh yes, take the time to play Lagoi Bay Beach in the morning. Because we can see other sights of this beach. The water recedes and we can play to the middle of the beach while looking for shells or watching small fish and crabs milling about in the water.

Singapore, onward travel to bintan islands.


Singapore is an island country in Southeast Asia, located on the Southern tip of the Malay Peninsula.
Despite being such a small country, Singapore has developed into a major commercial hubs with one of the world’s biggest financial centers.
Many years ago, Singapore was just an unassuming fishing village, populated by an indigenous settlement. Visitors today will find a lively cosmopolitan city of high-rise buildings, landscaped gardens and precincts rich in heritage.
On top of being a great destination, Singapore is also a great hub for onward travel to neighboring islands. Ferries depart Singapore’s two main ferry terminals at Harbourfront Centre and Tanah Merah and sail to numerous destinations in the Riau Archipelago including to Batam, Bintan and Great Karimon Island.
For those travelling to Bintan, ferries depart from Tanah Merah ferry terminal and sail to Bandar Bentan Telani in the north of the Island and Tanjung Pinang in the south west. The Bintan crossing takes around an hour and there are numerous sailings offered throughout the day, year round.
About Bintan Island:
The Indonesian island of Bintan can be found amongst the Riau Islands, facing Singapore across the strait.
After Bali, Bintan Island is the most promoted destination in Indonesia, with primary focus around a resort enclave occupying the northern side of the island consisting of nine resorts and known as Bintan Resorts.

Set over an area of about three hundred hectares, Bintan Resorts boasts unspoiled white beaches, luxury hotels, designer golf courses, world class facilities and a tropical climate.
Most visitors to Bintan arrive by ferry from Singapore’s Tanah Merah port which docks at Bandar Bentan Telani in the north and Tanjung Pinang on the islands west side. The Bintan Resorts Ferries operated catamaran takes just under an hour to complete the journey to Bentan Telani while the Sindo Ferry sailing to Tanjung Pinang in the west takes around two hours.


Bintan information center


The 60 minutes eco adventure will bring you on a back to nature, encounter with the wonders of Bintan Resort’s mangrove forests. as you discover various types of mangrove plants with their unique roots, wild animals and enjoy the serenity of the forest.
Weekend IDR.350K per person (adult) and
IDR.250K per person for child.
Weekday IDR.325K per person (adult) and IDR.250K per person for child.
Duration : 60 minutes.
Time : 9.00am-4.00pm
– Children 3-11 years old (3 years below is free)
– Land transportation from hotel and return (Bintan Resorts Area only) included.
– Min. 2 persons (adults).

价钱 :
注意 :
–  3-11岁的儿童(3岁以下免费)
– 包括酒店和返回(仅限民丹岛度假区)的陆路交通。
– 分钟2人(成人)。

Call Center : +6281270939917




1. Snorkeling at Bintan Resort
Price : IDR.450k per pax (min.2 pax).
Duration : 2 hours
The price is included of equipments and land transportation (pickup and return to the hotel)

2. Snorkeling at Trikora Beach
Price : IDR.500k per pax (min.2 pax).
Duration : 8 hours (09.00am-05.00pm)
The price is included of land transportation and equipments.



Bintan Island Indonesia

Bintan Island is an island in the province of Riau Islands, where there is Tanjungpinang City, the capital of the Riau Islands Province. In this island has three Governments, Tanjungpinang City Government located in Senggarang, Bintan Regency Government is located in Bandar Seri Bintan, as well as the Government of Riau Islands Province on Dompak Island (Tanjungpinang). The island is close to Singapore.


Bintan is the largest island in the Riau Islands, which consists of nearly 3,000 large and small islands, stretching across Singapore and Johor Baru, Malaysia. This island extends from Malacca to the South China Sea. Tanjungpinang is the capital of this province, located on the south west coast of Bintan. Strategically located on the southern peninsula of Malaysia at the mouth of the Malacca Strait, the Riau archipelago, formerly in the first century AD, is a favorite place for Indian and Chinese merchant ships. The top tourist destination here is Bintan Resort, a spectacular tourist destination in the north of the island, with an area of ​​23,000 hectares on white sand overlooking the South China Sea.


The island also has an interesting history in Tanjungpinang and Penyengat, which offers opportunities for surfing, adventure and ecotourism for students and families, but also ideal for leisure and health. Beach at one of the resorts on Bintan Island Meanwhile, for those who like to dive Anambas islands in the South China Sea offer a natural diving location, can be reached from Tanjungpinang airport. Meanwhile, Natuna Islands can be reached from Batam. No wonder, in the 18th century, traders from Europe, Portugal, the Netherlands and England fought each other over this island. At that time, the island was part of the Malay Peninsula controlled by the Johor-Riau Sultanate, which was occupied alternately between Johor – currently in Malaysia – and the island of Bintan, currently in Indonesia. In 1884 the British and the Dutch closed their opposition to the island by signing the Treaty of London, which was then given to the northern territories of Singapore to Britain, while the southern territorial territory of Singapore was surrendered to the Dutch. Since that time the destiny and history of the northern and southern regions of Singapore have been separated. Singapore became the center of British trade development, while the Netherlands concentrated in Jakarta and Java, leaving the Bintan islands. In decades, with friendly relations between Indonesia and Singapore, an agreement was signed between the two parties to jointly develop the Bintan islands which will benefit both countries in the Batam, Bintan and Karimun Free Trade Zones. The first form of this agreement is the construction of Bintan Resort, a beach tourism destination, covering an area of ​​23,000 hectares on the beautiful white sand of Bintan overlooking the South China Sea. Besides that, one of the tourist destinations on this island is the beach of Trikora and Lagoi Beach which has been famous in the world, recorded more than hundreds of thousands of foreign tourists visiting Lagoi every year. Lagoi tourism area is located in the northern part of Bintan Island, and into the territory of Bintan Regency. Besides tourism, the agricultural potential on Bintan Island is also very promising, especially lowland vegetable farming and Horticulture. The agricultural potential of Bintan Island, spread in several sub-districts in Bintan Regency, is in Toapaya District, East Bintan District, Sebong Bay sub-district and Teluk Bintan District. Based on Regional Regulation (Perda) number 2 of 2012 concerning Spatial and Regional Plans (RTRW), Toapaya District is designated as an Agropolitan area.

Bintan information center bintan-map